Conseil International de Philosophie et des Sciences Humaines (CIPSH)

World Logic Day
14 January

Organize an event.

We invite everyone in the world interested in logic to organise events celebrating World Logic Day 2024 on 14 January 2024 (or on convenient date close to the 14th of January). WLD events

Be aware that in the current global pandemic, a lot events will be virtual. This is a huge opportunity since it will allow people from outside of your local community to participate without any travel expenses. However, it also means that all WLD events will be in competition with each other for the attention of the global logic community, especially if they all take place at the same time. Be aware of this issue as you organise your WLD event and decide on the time schedule. As mentioned, the event does not have to be on 14 January 2024, but can be on a date close to that day.

If you are organising an event and wish to be listed in the official list of WLD 2024 events on our website and use the official WLD logo in your announcements, please follow the simple and informal instructions below to obtain the status of an official WL4 2023 event.


  1. Create a website for the event or a draft flyer (in pdf format) that describes the event. The website/flyer must should countain the following information:
    1. What is going to happen? (Format, speakers, etc.)
    2. When is it going to happen? (Date and time.)
    3. Who is organising it? (Name of the main organiser and contact information.)
    4. In which format is it going to happen? (If in a physical location, give location information; if online, say how participants may obtain the login information.)
  2. Send an e-mail to wld (at) cipsh (dot) international with the link to the website and/or with the draft flyer as a pdf attachment and a formal request to be added to the list of UNESCO WLD events. We expect to decide on each request within five working days. If you have not received a message within a week, feel free to send a reminder.
  3. If your event fits with the principles of UNESCO World Logic Day, it will be added to the official list on our website and you will get the official WLD graphics to use on your website and in your flyer. (You can send us an updated flyer for the list on our website once you have incorporated the graphics.)
  4. There is no need to submit a report after the event.